Want Project Natal? Get a bigger house

More technical details from Microsoft's motion-sensing controller Project Natal have emerged and, if you fancy one, you might want to look at buying a bigger house.

According to Tech Flash, the minimum space required to get the wave-your-arms-in-the-air-like-you-just-don't-care device to work properly is a massive four metres. That's thirteen feet in old money.

Which might not seem like much in America where everyone seems to live in a giant loft apartment or have a basement the size of an aircraft hanger (if your average TV sitcom is anything to go by), but here in the UK, where most of us live in more humble houses (or reality as we like to call it) thirteen feet is a hell of a big space to squeeze between the telly and the sofa.

The information was passed along by members of the Natal team who might want to have a rethink about the size, shape, and available square footage of the average teenager's bedroom before letting the camera-based gizmo out into the wild.

Microsoft still hasn't given any clues as to the price of the new device but, if they're aiming it at a demographic which has furniture free rooms with four metres of unused space going spare, we reckon that footballers and barn-owning farmers will be first in the queue.