£287 BlackBerry Storm 2 (Unlocked, Black)

The BlackBerry Storm 2 smartphone has the power and performance to drive your desires. Find out how you can connect to your world.

The BlackBerry Storm2 uses next generation SurePress technology. Type on a virtual, full QWERTY keyboard in portrait or landscape modes. Touch the on-screen icons to select and press on them to confirm.

All the tactile feedback of a physical button, but on a touch screen. Enjoy better typing accuracy and a more natural feel for a touch-screen experience like no other.

Link to wireless networks or hotspots with Wi-Fi connectivity. While away from your regular home or work coverage areas, you can still access streaming audio and video, BlackBerry data services and more.

With a powerful battery and removable back plate for easy battery swapping, the BlackBerry Storm 2 helps you do what you love, longer.

A high resolution 480x360 screen displays over 65,000 colours across a large wide screen - creating an awe-inspiring display that enhances all your multimedia.

Snap pictures like a pro with the built-in 3.2 MP camera featuring auto-focus and auto-flash. Or catch the sound and action, then share it with friends with the video camera function.

The familiar BlackBerry phone buttons are at the bottom of the BlackBerry Storm, ensuring an easy transition from browsing to call taking, without compromising current on-screen data.

You can purchase the BlackBerry Storm 2 (Unlocked, Black) from Handtec for only £287.28.