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Apple Allows iPhone Users To "Gift" Apps

Apple Inc., the company behind the revolutionary iPod music player, has dished out a new service for its iPhone App Store, which will allow users to "gift" applications to their friends and family, instead of purchasing a gift voucher.

According to users familiar with the new service, the company has added a new 'Gift This Option' to the 'Buy this App' drop down menu, which then allows users to enter the name and email address of the person they want to gift the app too.

Users can also write a personal 500-word message which is delivered along with the application in the email or on paper.

The new feature has also been added to the terms and conditions page of the App Store and can be read by a user before attempting to purchase an application.

Interestingly, users wishing to gift an app to their loved ones will be able to do so only from a desktop and not the iPhone. Another helpful feature added by the company is the ability to send a particular application to multiple people at the same time.

The iPhone App Store, which was launched back in 2007, has breached some significant barriers when it comes to the number of downloads, which has reached the three billion mark recently.

Our Comments

Apple is merely tweaking what it is already offering. The Apps are a great way of monetising hardware devices like the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Essentially Apple could have given the hardware for free and make the money out of the services only.

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