Eye-Fi Launches Pro X2 WiFi Card

Peripheral manufacturer Eye-fi has announced the launch of their latest hybrid memory card called the Eye-Fi Pro X2 which combines a 8GB SD card with Wireless transferring capabilities.

Three versions of the card will be available under the X2 banner, Connect, Explorer and Pro; the first one offers 4GB storage while the two others have 8GB storage. All three are Class 6 cards and incorporate 802.11n WiFi.

The basic Connect model costs around £50; it can connect automatically to a networked computer via a router and upload content to any photo websites like Flickr or Facebook.

The Explore version adds automated geotagging and cost £100, while the Pro version introduces the endless memory feature which automatically transfers and then deletes content from the memory card (think of it as a MOVE feature).

It also brings in an Adhoc mode which allows you to connect to any computer with wireless enabled. The Eye-Fi Pro is already available from Mymemory.co.uk for £130 including delivery.

Note that you will need to check whether your camera is compatible with the card before purchasing it. We've noticed that there's a lack of Sony, Hitachi and Fujifilm cameras there although, strangely enough, the Nintendo DSi gaming console is officially supported.

Our Comments

£130 for a 8GB card with WiFi is a tad expensive and the main reason why it is so expensive is that Eye-Fi has the monopoly on this product. Not many manufacturers have introduced Wireless in their cameras though, something that could be a differentiator; Nikon being the only one we can name as one innovator.

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