Facebook "Linked To Surge In Syphilis" Say Tabloids

You never know what you might catch if you're addicted to social networking websites; according to Professor Peter Kelly, an NHS trust chief, cases of Syphilis have risen dramatically and blamed it on Facebook and other such sites.

Prof Kelly, whose title is Director of Public Health in Teesside, says that some research had found out that there's a correlation between social networking websites and the rise of cases of Syphilis across the the country.

He added that "I don't get the names of people affected, just figures, and I saw that several of the people had met sexual partners through these sites. Social networking sites are making it easier for people to meet up for casual sex."

Both the Dailystar and the Sun, two British tabloids, headlined the story which some, including Roy Greenslade of the Guardian, say how daft (and shallow) these newspapers have been.

Digging deeper, we found out that that the three regions that had seen a "surge" in number of syphilis cases were Sunderland, Durham and Teesside, where Facebook is particularly popular.

Although the number of cases recorded were low (24 in 2008 and 30 in 2009), the Sun "believes" that the numbers are likely to be much higher than that although there's nothing to support the "fourfold" increase statistics in either article.

Our Comments

As one Sun commenter puts it sarcastically "The recession was caused by facebook. Michael Jackson's death was caused by facebook. The nasty winter is also directly related to people using facebook. Late trains and buses are due to facebook. Bad service in restaurants is a direct result of people using facebook. The moral fibre of the nation is being eroded... By Facebook!!"

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