Finnish smart alecs pick rubbish passwords

Users of a hacked Finnish trivia site were most likely to choose 'password' as their password, according to a list leaked by malicious hackers.

Älypää, which roughly translates as 'Smart Alec'*, was recently compromised, and 127,000 user names and passwords published online, according to Finnish computer security authority CERT-FI.

A list of the top 20 passwords compiled by F-Secure, shows that 'salasana' is the top choice, with 449 occurrences. It means 'password'.

Second choice is '123456' and third is the name of the site itself, Älypää. Other popular choices include '54321' and 'qwerty', as well as 'kissa' (cat) and 'hevonen' (horse).

The real threat comes if users have chosen the same password for a more important site, such as their email account. Each password on the list is linked to an email address, which doubles as a user name.

Älypää is currently offline. Sanoma Entertainment, which runs the site, is cooperating with police, according to Finnish national broadcaster YLE.

According to Gerald Leonard Cohen, author of Studies in Slang Part 1 (1985), the phrase "smart alec" arose from the exploits of Alec Hoag, celebrated pimp, thief, and confidence man operating in New York City in the 1840s. (Wackypedia)