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Google Fined By Brazilian Court Over Orkut's Dirty Jokes

Search engine giant Google has been served with a hefty fine by a Brazilian court in the state of Rondonia for inadequate monitoring of pages on its Orkut social networking service, which contained dirty jokes.

The court has asked the US based company to cough-up 2,700 dollars for each day the pages remained hosted on the social networking platform.

According to reports, the court rejected Google's plea, which claimed that the company did not have the technical means or the manpower required to monitor every page on Orkut, which is highly popular in Brazil.

Orkut, which is owned and operated by Google, was developed by Google employee Orkut Büyükkökten and as of December 2009, almost 52 percent of Orkut's users were based in Brazil with India and US having 20.02% and 17.28% respectively.

The lawsuit against Google was the result of a complaint made by two teenagers against Google, who claimed that the sleazy material hosted on Orkut's pages had offended them.

The Brazilian court has explicitly ordered Google to block inappropriate content from Orkut as it had done in China, but did not mention Google's tiff with China.

In related news, Google has put a stop on its China services and has started redirecting users to a Hong Kong based server which is offering uncensored search results for its users.

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Google is also facing some serious issues in Australia where the government has suddenly decided to up the ante and ask search engines and other websites to monitor content on their online properties. Other countries could follow suit especially in the UK.

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