'Google is not God' says Chinese newspaper

A Chinese newspaper has dismissed Google's retreat from the country as the insignificant act of a single company.

The Internet search virtual monopoly, which has been accused of becoming too big and powerful for its own good on many occassions, has finally upped sticks in the Chineses captial and stomped off home to have its tea in Hong Kong over a row about self-censorship and state-sponsored hacking.

China thinks Google is using the dispute to challenge the authority of the Communist Party with one government newspaper saying "Google is not God, and even if it puts on a full-on show about politics and values, it is still not God."

The paper also accuses Google of getting into bed with spooks and spies saying, "Google is not a virgin when it comes to values. Its cooperation and collusion with the US intelligence and security agencies is well-known."

The comments were made in an English language version of The People's Daily which is well known for presenting commentary in stronger language than its local counterparts. Even so, the message from the PRC media machine is quite clear. "[Google] completely misjudged the situation, and does not grasp that Chinese people are extremely averse to external threats and pressure", it said.