Sagemcom Rolls Out Freeview HD PVR Pair

Sagemcom has launched two Freeview HD PVRs, the RTI90-320 T2 HD and RTI90-500 T2 HD which only differs from one another by their hard disk sizes.

The first one has a 320GB model while the second one packs a 500GB one. They both have two DVB-T2 tuners which will allow users to view one channel while recording the other one.

It is not known whether you'll be able to record on both simultaneously but Sagecom has confirmed that you will be able to pause and rewind HD channels seamlessly.

Both models will also feature the usual array of PVR features including an 8-day EPG, one-touch recording and access, Series Link, HDMI, built-in upscaling feature and an Ethernet port for upgrade.

We also noticed that it has a front facing USB port, a nice blue display and is compatible with the Dolby Digital Plus standard.

Sagemcom is the fourth manufacturer, after Toshiba, Sharp and Humax to announce a Freeview HD PVR and the number is likely to increase as the World cup nears.

Play is already taking pre-orders on both models with the 320GB costing £280 and the 500GB on sale at £320.

The smaller one will be released end of April while the other will follow one month later (ed : one month to swap hard disk drives around!).

Our Comments

Apart from Toshiba, there are no real big names offering Freeview HD. We remember that Panasonic was an early backer of Freesat HD and that Sony has also some television sets with integrated Freesat HD tuners on sale. Does that mean that we're about to see another HD-DVD/Blu Ray fight?

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