Second Ada Lovelace Day Celebrated Worldwide

As it was the case last year, the 24th of March marks the Ada Lovelace day, a day of remembrance to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science through blogging.

The day was launched last year by Suw Charman-Anderson who asked 1000 of her acquaintances to write a blog about a woman in technology. Since the beginning of the 2010 edition of the event today, more than 2000 pledges to write something about a woman in sci/tech have been received.

There's even a website called which lists all the "heroines" on whom articles and blogs have been written or produced. Apart from Ada Lovelace, none of the names springs out (except maybe Polish-born French Scientist Marie Curie).

Charman-Anderson writes on her blog that "In 2010 Ada Lovelace Day will again be held on 24th March and the target is to get 3072 people to sign the pledge and blog about their tech heroine."

She adds that last year nearly two thousand people signed the pledged and 2000 more joined the Facebook page. As for Ada Lovelace, she was the one who recognised that Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine was more than just a calculator.

The device, which was never built, was widely regarded as the first computer and the fact that Lovelace actually wrote code for it made her the pioneer of programming and the spiritual mother of all nerds and geeks.

Our Comments

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