Teenager Finds Adult Content On Mobile Phone

A teenage girl has been left 'traumatised' and 'shocked' after Carphone Warehouse, a popular mobile phone retail chain in the UK, returned her Nokia phone filled with pornographic videos containing 'saucy romps, group sex and women touching themselves.

18 year old Lauren Kennedy had sent her Nokia handset to the company for repairs as the phone kept cutting out during the phone calls. When she got her phone back, it was discovered that the device contained ten pornographic videos, up to ten minutes long.

However, when she reported the matter to the company customer service hotline, she was offered a compensation of £10 for the 'inconvenience' and 'distress' caused by the incident.

When she went public with the mobile phone, it was then that the company actually took notice of magnanimity of the situation and released a statement that “We apologise to Lauren Kennedy and her family for any offence that may have been caused and have replaced the phone with a brand new BlackBerry .”

Expressing her shock on finding porn in her mobile phone, Miss Kennedy continually stressed on the fact that the company was lucky that it was not a nine-year old kid who received the offensive phone.

Our Comments

One must wonder whether this is not just a cunning plot to get some publicity on national newspapers. As it is the case with mobile phone repairs, Carphone Warehouse either sent the wrong phone or a refurbished one which had a microSD card which contained the dodgy content.

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