Twitter Brings Down Spam To One Percent

Micro blogging giant Twitter has announced that the company has successfully reduced the level of spam in the service to an impressive one percent from the previous figure of 11 percent, which was reported in August last year.

According to post on the official Twitter blog, the feat was achieved with the help of a team of security experts and software engineers, bent upon ridding the popular site off spam messages that had been a major cause of concern at one point of time.

Commenting on what is being looked upon as a commendable effort, the company wrote on the blog post that “We’re constantly battling against spam to improve the Twitter experience and we're happy to report that it's working. While the battle will never be over, we're doing well on the front lines.”

However, the company admitted that as the service grows in popularity, the posting of links to harmful phishing and malware sites will increase, but it was its obligation to keep fighting the menace until it truly disappears or at least shrinks to negligible levels.

Twitter explained that one of the most widely used methods to spread spam on Twitter was to continually follow and unfollow an account until the users visits the spammed account and clicks on the fake link.

Our Comments

Spam can be a major turnoff and dissuading factor especially for a website like Twitter which depends a lot on its own user's trust. We've witnessed how others like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have tackled the problems associated with spam and reduced it to a trickle.

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