UK Pirate Party Publishes 2010 Manifesto

UK's Pirate Party, which is a part of the Belgium based Pirate Parties International organisation, has released its election manifesto in which it has vowed that if elected to power, the party will advocate copyright reforms, privacy protection and freedom of speech.

The party, which will be taking part in the UK elections for the first time in two months, said in the manifesto that apart from ensuring strict privacy protection measures, it would promote freedom of speech and information over the internet and refrain from raising the taxes.

Dispelling notions that arise from the parties name, the manifesto released by the party reads that “Counterfeiting, and profiting directly from other people's work without paying them, will remain illegal. We believe the public needs to be protected from products that can be remotely turned off by the manufacturer.”

One of the most important agendas that have been taken up by the party is to reform the copyright laws in the UK. The party plans to shorten the period of copyright coverage from 70 years to 10 years and has vowed to formulate laws which will not allow copyright holders to renew licenses after they expire.

On the subject of digital right management, the party has vowed to set-up laws which will curtail the use of DRM tools and other copyright protecting software which are embedded in software products.

Our Comments

Although the party has next to no chance of even getting a single elected candidate, it is great to see that they are publicising the implications of copyright and DRM. It will be interesting to see whether other mainstream parties will embrace UK Pirate Party's ideas.

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