US to punish countries harbouring hackers

A Senate bill proposed this week would see the USA imposing financial sanctions on countries which fail to crack down on hackers and other digital undesirables.

The legislation will target countries which are seen as "safe havens" for criminals who operate online fraud schemes, or don't do enough to prevent hack attacks on American concerns.

According to The Hill, the White House would identify the 'countries of cyber concern', and ask them to clean up their act or suffer the consequences. Those consequences could include cuts to imports and exports, investment funds and trade assistance grants.

That should get the Chinese hackers and Nigerian con-men shaking in their boots. How will they survive without trade assistance grants?

Not that the US exports much these days. Other than troops, that is.

The authors of the bill said it could cut down on online crimes and save the United States and its businesses billions every year if it became law. They made that last bit up. Microsoft and Mastercard have both, apparently, supported the bill.