Users Up In Arms Over Google Exit Of China

Search engine behemoth Google has been lambasted from a section of its own Chinese web users, who have started boycotting the search engine and switched their allegiance to rival Baidu.

This comes after Google has been criticised by the Chinese government for moving its base to Hong Kong in order to defy Chinese internet censorship laws.

The BBC reported that Chinese internet forum website is overflowing with angry remarks from people, who were once avid Google users, criticising the highly politicised move. The comments posted on the web site include "Google, out of China" and "Go away, we have Baidu".

However, the company has turned a deaf ear to the outrage of its Chinese users and has assured that it will continue to fulfil its existing contractual obligations.

Meanwhile, TOM Online, the popular internet and mobile phone company based in Hong Kong, has announced that it will refrain from using Google's service in the future.

According to BBC journalist Jasmin Gu, who is presently based in China, said in a statement that “I think Chinese people are offended by Google's action. It has aroused nationalistic fervour. Many people choose to stop using Google and support Chinese search engine Baidu.”

Our Comments

The company has been heavily criticised by the Chinese government, which has labelled Google's antics as 'totally wrong.” Google shares have significantly fallen down over the past few days, losing four percent since last week. In comparison Baidu has been going from strength to strength.

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