Big Brother posters come to net cafés

The Metropolitan Police has broken out another weapon in the war on terror: screensavers.

Under a scheme launched this week, Internet cafés and libraries in London are being encouraged to display posters and screensavers warning web users that any illegal activity could be reported.

Supt Mark Goldby of counter-terrorism unit SO15 said: "Whilst the vast majority of customers use internet cafés for entirely lawful purposes, there are a very small number who take advantage of the anonymity a café can bring. Past cases have seen people using cafés to access violent extremist material, and in rare cases helping them to actually plan and prepare acts of terrorism.”

The scheme comes under the auspices of the government's Prevent strategy, which aims to dissuade young Muslim men from becoming radicalised by terror groups.

The campaign, which is voluntary for café owners, is also designed to tackle online fraud and child pornography. So far, the Met says uptake has been positive.

It was piloted in Tower Hamlets, and has now spread to notorious hotbeds of violent extremism such as Harrow, Camden and Westminster.