Bletchley Park Gets £250,000 Grant From Government

The Culture Secretary, Ben Bradshaw, has announced that the British Government will provide Bletchley Park, the site of some of the first steps of modern computing, with a £250,000 funding for urgent repairs.

The money comes from the re-allocation of funds not spent elsewhere in the department of Culture, Media and Sports. It will be used by the Bletchley Park Trust to undergo a number of works to prevent the historic site from falling into disrepair.

The CEO of the Trust, Simon Greenish, said in a press statement that "This enormously-appreciated funding boost will not only enable vital repair and maintenance of this World War Two site for the benefit of our rapidly growing number of visitors but it also represents endorsement by the DCMS that Bletchley Park is a place of national importance which deserves Government support.”

The site received the Wickes' "Building with Pride" award back in March 2009 and managed to attract the attentions of IBM and PGP which donated £57,000 back in September 2008.

It also won a £330,000 grant from the English Heritage Lottery Fund in November 2008 and £460,000 from the same entity one year later.

In July 2008, a group of 100 computer scientists wrote a letter to the Times newspaper demanding that the government take action to save one of the most important locations in Britain's recent history.

Bletchley Park derives some of its revenue from guided tours as well as from the sale of annual season tickets which also gives access to the Museum.

Our Comments

An estimated £5 million are needed to complete the plans to refurbished the site permanently. It would be interesting to see whether a not for profit alliance of private companies and firms could come together and secure the future of the site altogether.

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