Companies queue up to support iPad video

Companies are falling over themselves to join the iPad wagon train as Apple's argument for not supporting Adobe's Flash format gathers strength.

The Wall Street Journal today announced that it would be selling subscriptions on the touch-screen tablet device for $17.99 complete with streaming video and it has been revealed that Time magazine is selling iPad advertising slots for $25,000 a pop to industrial heavyweights like Toyota and Unilever.

Video viewing platform Ooyala has also thrown its cards on the table announcing that its Flash-free video services - which are already used by the Telegraph group, Electronic Arts and the Glam Network - will be availalable of the device when it launches on April 3rd in the US and a week or so later in the rest of the world.

US broadcasting giant CBS has also apparently pinned its colours to the iPad banner with bloggers noting that the company's web portal is currently testing HTML5 video content which is customised on the fly for Apple's ten-inch touchscreen.

Steve Jobs has made it abundantly clear that he thinks Flash is old hat, and it looks like he may well have persuaded some other big hitters that he's right.