Domain Name Giant Godaddy Exiting China

The ongoing tussle between Google Inc. and China has taken a new interesting turn when two other US-based technology companies, Dell and, are apparently pondering over plans to pull out of the Chinese market following Google’s exit from the country., the US-based internet domain names vendor, said it would cease selling “.cn” domain names in China in the wake of introduction of new codes, which involve necessitating customers wishing for buying domain names to present photo identification for the same.

The company made such announcement at a committee hearing of the US Congress, called as “Google and Internet Control in China: A Nexus between Human Rights and Trade”.

Christine Jones, executive VP for the domain registration company, asserted that the firm was “concerned for security of individuals”, and that the new proposed regulations would presumably have a “chilling” impact on new domain registrations.

“Google fired a shot heard around the world and now a second American company has answered the call to defend the rights of the Chinese people”, said Chris Smith, a Republican representative from New Jersey.

In addition, the world’s third-largest PC manufacturer Dell also dropped a hint that it may consider shifting its operations from China to India in order to enjoy a "safer environment" according to the Indian PM.

Our Comments

We are witnessing a major shift between how people access the internet in the east and the west. Australia and China are adopting some pretty strict stands when it comes to what their own citizens can view and post online while western Europe and the america seems to be pretty lax about it.

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