Google Adds Suspicious Activity Alert To Gmail

In an attempt to address one of the soaring concerns pertaining to the reliability of cloud computing services, Google has beefed up the security capability of its email service Gmail with the incorporation of an ‘intruder alarm’ that provides information about bizarre account activities.

The newly integrated warning system boasts of the capability to notify users when some unusual activity happens with their account that may eventually end up with potential hacking attacks.

However, since back in July 2008, Gmail has incorporated a link named “Last account activity”, which provides important info, like when the account was last opened, along with the internet addressed used.

Apparently, with this new feature, Google is further taking the aforementioned feature a step ahead, to help the users have information about any existing potential threat to their email accounts.

Describing the new functionality, the official Gmail blog reads: “If it looks like something unusual is going on with your account, we’ll also alert you by posting a warning message saying, "Warning: We believe your account was last accessed from…" along with the geographic region that we can best associate with the access”.

The sweet irony of course is that this feature is being added a few months after Google revealed that the Gmail accounts of some of its Chinese users had been compromised by hackers, something that could have triggered this new intruder alarm.

Our Comments

Since the search giant doesn’t want to bother its users who spend most of their time travelling, or who have provided their login details to some third party service for the sake of convenience, it has decided to present them with a warning message that they could even dismiss if they wish to.

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