Opera Mini five times faster than Safari

Opera has posted a Youtube video of its Opera Mini browser for the iPhone and it looks like it's blazingly fast.

The video (below) shows two identical handsets loading pages from the New York Times. Opera Mini manages to render five pages before sluggish Safari has even finished drawing its first, which is quite impressive.

The clever browser uses Opera's own servers to reinterpret and compress pages before they are sent to the device making things move along lickety-split.

The App is currently in the hands of Apple's legion of testers awaiting approval before it hits the iTunes Store. The problem is that Apple is quite unlikely to approve an App which steps on the toes of one of its own core pieces of software. Especially when it does a much better job.

The folks at Opera seem to be poking Apple with the humiliation stick, knowing full well that all hell will be let loose if the Cupertino company does decide to can the speedy browser. In fact, they've cheekily posted a counter which shows exactly how long Apple has been sitting on the App.

They've even offered a brand new iPhone to the punter who guesses precisely how long it will take Apple to say 'no'.

It currently stands at two days and 18 minutes.