Secret anti-piracy docs leaked

A shady and secretive cabal of European government lackies and Big Media lobbyists which has been operating behind closed doors has had all of its secrets exposed by a French web site.

Snippets of information about the near-masonic Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which is being hammered out without public or parliamentary scrutiny, have been leaking out for weeks.

Butt now La Quadrature du Net has posted the entire 56-page document for all to see and the disclosure is sure to cause a storm.

ACTA was set up to protect the financial rights of intellectual property holders but is widely expected to impact on individual civil liberties, fair usage and privacy by conspiracy theorists.

MPs from all sides of the UK parliament have been demanding access to the workings of the cloak and dagger operation without success. God bless the French and their stoic disregard for authority in all its forms.

One of the most contentious parts of the proposed agreement is the ability of border guards to search personal luggage and confiscate items they suspect are moody.

The document, which is dated January 18th, is currently spreading around the Interweb like wildfire.