Server Overheating Causes Wikipedia To Go Offline

Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopaedia, has suffered a serious service outages for a couple of hours yesterday, apparently for the first time in its long history of existence. The website was down for around two hours, starting at around 1:00 PM EST.

According to the official blog post of Wikimedia Foundation’s technical arm, the crash was attributed to an overheating issue in its European datacentre. The visitors to the website were presented with DNS failure message when they visited the site.

As the overheating problem occurred, all data requests were redirected to its datacentre based in Florida, but during the transfer, it was found that the DNS tools that pave the way for the re-routing of the traffic were also affected.

Along the same line, the site said in a Facebook blog post: “However, shortly after we did this failover switch, it turned out that this failover mechanism was now broken, causing the DNS resolution of Wikimedia sites to stop working globally”.

The problem was resolved by 3:00 PM EST yesterday, according to the online encyclopaedia’s official Twitter account.

However, since the overheating problem still exists to some extent, users may continue to experience technical glitches while accessing the website, the Twitter post concluded.

Our Comments

Wikipedia's revenues wont be affected simply because it doesn't carry any advertising. The issue with Wikipedia also highlights the issues that might arise when having to deal with excess heating at datacentres. Hopefully, new technologies including non x86 servers solve this issue.

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