Sky Player To Be Natively Available On TV Sets, STBs

Satellite broadcaster BSkyB has announced today that Little known CE manufacturers Cello and 3View are set to integrate the online video on demand player from Sky, Sky Player into their future products.

3View had already announced last year that it would be selling its Freeview HD PVR for as little as £299. Its 500GB device left us all excited (ed: we're still waiting for the first unit for a preview) and adding Sky Player would only make it tastier.

Cello announced last year a partnership with Marks and Spencer which saw the integration of BBC's iPlayer into the brand's 26-inch and 32-inch television sets albeit at a hefty premium.

There's a catch though - and a big one. Sky Player is not free and only Sky Customers will be able to access this attractive feature; others will have to become Sky Customers or look elsewhere. Even then, access to premium channels will cost extra.

Sky Player is also available on Microsoft's uber popular gaming console, the Xbox 360, and has already been integrated with Windows Media Player as part of Windows 7

Sky's director of on-demand Griff Parry said in a statement that "We will continue to look at opportunities to distribute Sky Player across new platforms, to give consumers even more choice and control over how they access high-quality pay-TV content."

Our Comments

Both companies are ideally positioned to become partners with Project Canvas when it is finally launched later this year. As for Cello, it would be great if others could follow its tracks. Not only does it offer direct streaming of Web-based channels, it also has integrated PVR technology.

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