T-Mobile Confirms HTC Desire Sale From March 29th

T-Mobile has confirmed on its customer forum that the HTC Desire is already available for order from their website and will have a 7-day lead time which means that the first ones should reach customers as from the 5th of April.

It followed some confusion about availability that stemmed from a technical glitch that showed the device as being out of stock, something that has now been amended. The phone will also be available in T-Mobile stores from the 29th of March, which is next Monday.

Interestingly, the phone is on sale in Europe well before the US, prompting some to argue that they might even purchase the phone in the UK and get it posted across the Atlantic. T-Mobile might bring it at a later stage to the US via its network.

The five other UK-based mobile phone operators have yet to confirm when they will be selling the smartphone but it is likely that it will be in the month of April, shortly before Google launches its superphone, the Nexus One via Vodafone.

The Desire has already been hailed as one of the best phones of the year as it adds a few tweaks to the already excellent smartphone from HTC.

What might actually make it a killer phone is the fact that it will be sold on extremely affordable plans. Vodafone for example, will have it for only £24.16 over a period of 24 months, a deal that includes 75 minutes, 250 txts, internet and Vodafone passport.

Our Comments

£25 for a phone that's significantly better than the iPhone 3GS is a pretty good deal and Apple knows it which is why it has slapped HTC with a lawsuit. It might also be the reason why O2 has dropped the price of refurbished iPhones to only £25 a month.

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