Tosh launches 750GB 2.5-inch drive

Toshiba has announced two additions to its line of teeny spinning platter HDDs and reckons one of them is a record breaker.

The Japanese tech giant says its 2.5-inch MK7559GSXP HDD has the highest density of any old-school hard drive at 839.1 megabits per square centimetre. The twin platter drive, which stand just 9.5mm high, also has the industry's largest capacity for a 2.5-inch drive at 750GB.

The company also announced a 3.5-inch, three platter drive, the MK1059GSM, which is 12.5mm thick and boasts 1TB of storage.

Both drives have average seek times of 12 milliseconds, 3.0 gigabit per second serial ATA-8 interfaces and 8MB of buffer memory. Read/write power consumption is pegged at 1.5 and 1.7 watts respectively.

Samples will be hitting the channel in April and you can expect to see these crammed into laptops, all-in-one PCs, TVs and set-top boxes soon after that.