AdMob Says iPhone OS Far Ahead Of Other Smart Mobile Platforms

Mobile advertising company Ad Mob has released recent mobile usage data which suggests that the Android mobile operating system is growing in popularity.

However Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch devices still hold a commanding position over internet enabled smart devices segment.

The report released by the company indicated that smartphone devices accounted for nearly 48 percent of its traffic, a sharp increase from the 35 percent recorded last year.

The increase in the share of smartphone is credited to the rise of the Android mobile OS from Google and the increasing popularity of Apple's iPhone device.

According to the data, the iPhone dominated the US smartphone market with a massive share of 44.5 percent, followed by Motorola Droid with 15.2 percent and HTC Dream with 3.3 percent, both of them running on Android platform.

When it came to the world wide OS market share, Apple again dominated over other OS's with Android and Symbian considerable way behind it.

Symbian, the open source mobile operating system platform, saw a significant fall in its global market share from 43 percent to a meagre 18 percent.

Apple on the other hand, benefited from Symbian's fall by jumping to 50 percent from 33 percent, while Android's global share increased sharply from 2 percent to 24 percent.

Our Comments

It's difficult not to be concerned about the status of Symbian, which was once Nokia's Jewel in the crown but which has now been all but relegated to mainstream smartphones and so called feature phones. The number of smarpthones using Symbian has been shrinking considerably and its influence decreasing.

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