Apple's Steve Jobs Now Replying Directly To Emails

A report on the New York Times has revealed that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has increased the frequency of replies he sends to customers who inquire about new Apple features by emailing him on his official Apple ID.

Recently, a Sweden based music producer received an emailed reply within 30 minutes of sending an email directly to the Apple head-honcho, who is famous for his terse replies to emailed questions from Apple customers.

Jazper Sonderlund, who, despite of receiving a curt and abrupt 'No' from Steve Jobs, was thrilled by being addressed directly by the man, who is probably is the most recognisable CEO in the world.

Mr. Sonderlund had asked Jobs is he will be able to link his iPhone's data service with the soon-to-be-launched iPad device.

Commenting on the Job's emailed reply, Sonderlund told the New York Times that “Almost every Mac Web site had picked it up, and the biggest newspaper in town wrote about it. We had more visits to my Web site in 12 hours than we had all year.”

Apple boss Steve Jobs used to reply to customer emails personally even before leaving for a 6 month medical leave, however, now, he has not only resumed replying to customer emails, he has increased the rate at which he is replying.

Our Comments

It seems as if the man, whose company is known for its secrecy, is trying to reconnect with customers, who made him what he is in the first place.

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