Bing To Introduce Slew Of New Features

Software giant Microsoft Inc., will roll out new features for its recently revamped Bing search engine, including Quick Tabs, a new Answer box and Foursquare integration with Bing Maps, adding real-time mapping functionality to the search engine.

According to a post made on the official Bing blog, the company is planning to revamp the way in which users view their search results, by adding a Quick Tabs section in the search engine, which is designed to allow users to access subcategories of search queries including news, events and weather details.

The company also informed that the updated Bing, which will be released in Spring this year, will be equipped with more real-time search result features which will include New York Times most shared articles related to the search query.

Commenting on the new Bing features, Bing engineer Todd Schwartz wrote on the blog that “When we launched last June, one of the ways we helped customers get to better decisions was by providing a more visual, more intuitive, and more organized experience.”

Bing Maps, a feature similar to Google Maps, which was introduced back in December, will now come integrated with popular location based game Foursquare, allowing game players to view game progress directly from the search engine.

Our Comments

Bing is on the right track to compete more effectively with Google. The latter has always managed to pique the interest of users with its "labs" features, some of which have graduated to become integral part of the search engine. Maybe Microsoft will follow suit?

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