Cisco Mulling Plans To Become Smart Grid Giant Through Grid Net Stake

The smart-grid infrastructure and management has continued to catch the attention of the networking giant Cisco Systems, as the company has snapped up a stake in a smart grid start-up firm, named Grid Net, for an undisclosed sum, the latter announced yesterday.

However, Cisco isn’t the only tech giant that has attracted to Grid Net’s potential, as the company already has some of the tech majors, including GE Energy, Intel Capital, Financial Services, along with several venture capitalist firms throwing their weights behind it.

Based in Sydney and San Francisco, Grid Net has specialised in a range of smart grid products, with two of its software platforms being at the centre of attraction.

While one includes a smart meter integration system intended for residential purposes, the other serves as a real-time platform for the suppliers and utilities that presents them with automated integration as well as distribution of power supplies, along with cutting edge tools for power demand management.

The company bills that its infrastructure has been designed to meet “regulatory and governmental Smart Grid interoperability and cybersecurity standards”.

This seems to be a reasonable move for the networking bellwether, which, during the announcement of its first quarter financial results, reported setting up a “Smart Grid Technology advisory board”, and even set up an industry outfit dubbed Smart Grid Ecosystem to call for the adoption of an IP benchmark for smart grid communications.

Our Comments

Smartmeters may help to save power in the long run but ironically, they will consume a small but significant amount of power themselves. Ultimately, companies like Cisco will massively gain from rolling out smart grid systems across utility companies.

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