Give up the gadgets for No Tech Day

Development Charity Practical Action is asking the tech addicts to give up gadgets for a day this Saturday.

The tech cold turkey event is intended to make people think about how privileged we are with all our expensive toys whilst there are people in the world dying for want of decent food and clean water.

If you're reading this, there's a pretty good chance that you are totally reliant on your mobile phone, Internet connection and computer, but the campaign is also asking participants to give up their TVs, MP3 players, DVDs, video cameras, sat navs, games consoles and even radio.

"We’re talking about consumer, luxury technology. It’s really up to you how far you want to take it," the charity says. "Use common sense – the idea st to give people a taste of what life in the technology-poor, developing world is like, but not to cause yourself serious harm. If you need tech for medical reasons or for the safety of you or others, then use it."

So it's OK to use your pacemaker and your kidney dialysis machine.

Chummy TV tech presenter Adam Hart Davis, who is a strong supporter of the charity and tried the experiment last year, reckons it was a great success for him.

"I stayed away from all high technology; I mucked out my chickens, dug some manure into the veg garden, did a little woodwork and planted four trees – two ashes, a holly, and an oak. I also read the newspaper, which I decided was intermediate rather than high-tech. And what a wonderful day it was, with none of the pressure exerted by demanding phone calls and email."

As most [er, one, Ed.] of us here at THINQ spend[s] Saturdays laying in bed with a hangover anyway, we will be supporting the event wholeheartedly.