Internet Traffic Reached 21 Exabytes Per Month Says Cisco Supremo

Cisco System’s chief technology officer, Padmasree Warrior, during her keynote address at the CTIA, has painted an exciting picture of the growth of internet traffic in the coming few years down the line, both on wired as well as wireless networks.

Denoting a robust growth the internet traffic achieved in the past, Warrior noted that the “global flow of information” has grown substantially from 5 exabytes per month in 2007, to 21 exabytes per month this year, and it is expected to touch 56 exabytes by the end of 2013.

In addition, consumer internet traffic also soared exponentially from 38 exabytes in 2007 to a massive 180 exabytes this year, and is believed to reach 486 exabytes in three years from now. At that juncture, videos will be predominantly driving the traffic demands with around 91 percent of the total bandwidth.

She further predicted an extensive growth in the number of devices across the planet. As in 2007 there were around 500 million connected devices across the globe, and this year the count has grown leaps and bounds to 35 billion, involving a number of things other than computers and smartphones.

However, the number of devices will soar to a mammoth 1 trillion mark by 2013, she added. (ed : at this point, it is hard not to think about the 1999 movie, the Matrix)

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Unsurprisingly, she also speculated on how applications will grow in the coming years, with 160,000 this year to 1.5 million in 2013, along with the significant rise in the number of related security threats with them.

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