Netflix Rolls Service On Wii Console, UK Launch Next?

Popular US-based video on demand service Netflix will launch its service on the Nintendo Wii gaming console in the US over the next few hours.

The most popular current-generation gaming platform will therefore become the third and last one after the Xbox 360 and the PS3 to get the package. Instant streaming discs have already been sent to Nintendo Wii owners who signed up for the service to make sure that they're ready on launch.

Netflix announced the launch at the beginning of the year and the fact that we're approaching the end of Q1 2010 sure may have hasten the process.

For $9 per month, users will have quasi-instantaneous access to a catalogue of more than 17.000 movies but will be required to have a fast internet connection and the free streaming disc will have to be in the Wii drive at all times.

The launch of the service might be the last piece of the puzzle before Netflix finally decides to launch its service outside the US. The firm first mooted plans for an international roll out back in 2004 but chose not to.

Now might actually be the time though as a Virgin Media spokesperson mentioned at the Ideal Home Show that the new V HD Box will support Netflix although it is not currently available in the country.

Furthermore, comparison website states the presence of a movie rental service via Virgin Media's Netflix partnership, something that hasn't been announced yet.

Our Comments

Netflix has not charged for the added bonus of streaming content. It knows that it will help it against other competitors like Blockbuster or Lovefilm, both of which have yet to offer something similar for free. The only thing missing obviously is for the company to launch its service outside the US, something we're eagerly awaiting.

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