Nvidia confirms second GPU gathering

Graphics chip champion Nvidia has confirmed the details of its second conference aimed at getting developers to use its GPUs for something other than gaming.

The GPU Technology Conference will take place at the San Jose Convention Centre in California from September 20-30 this year and will offer an even broader and deeper selection of technical sessions, interactive tutorials, technology previews, and industry and academic presentations than last year's event, according to the company.

Nvidia has been banging on for years about how the number-crunching power of its graphics processing units (GPU) should be used to offload maths-intensive tasks away from the main CPU.

"Last year’s GPU Technology Conference was very exciting, with many top researchers and developers demonstrating how they are using the GPU to solve some of the world’s most difficult challenges, from medical diagnostics to energy exploration," said Nvidian Bill Dally. "I am eagerly looking forward to seeing the new advances that will be unveiled this year."

Nvidia unveils its new "Fermi"-based graphics offerings later today. The hot question will be how many boards sporting the new chippery will be ready to go on sale next week.