UK Broadband Fails To Catch Up With Rest Of Europe

The Broadband Industry in UK is apparently falling behind its peers in Europe and has managed to add just 963,000 new broadband lines during last year according to figures revealed by research firm Point Topic.

The firm which incidentally carried out the research on behalf of Broadband Forum also revealed that despite price cuts, many ISPs like Virgin Media had failed to add substantial numbers to their broadband subscriber base.

Also taking broadband to certain sections of the population, especially those in the rural areas and those who are economically disadvantaged, seems to be a major hurdle.

Explaining the same Tim Johnson, the chief analyst of Point Topic mentioned "It could prove hard to get last 10 % of people online, let alone the last few percent. UK has always been comparable to France in the number of people online, but it has slipped behind in the last year”.

Many analysts believe that if the reach of Broadband in UK remains limited then it is likely to affect Britain’s position as a preeminent knowledge economy in the region.

It is also likely to lower the competitive position of the country when it comes to the technology sector and may also cause gaps in public information dissemination through the internet.

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To be fair though, the players in the sector have been particularly active lately. BT has announced its new Infinity package which allows speeds up to 40Mbps, Virgin Media has revealed it will launch a 100Mbps service this year with a 200Mbps one waiting to be launched soon.

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