UK Government To Implement Technology & Innovation Centres

The UK government has sounded out plans to set up an exclusive group of technology and innovation centres across the country.

They will focus on developing technology and methods that will help Britain commercialise its world-renowned academic research in order to derive economic benefits.

The announcement was made by UK Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, who was attending a presentation which was being given by technology entrepreneur Hermann Hauser.

The latter outlined the benefits of commercialising innovation centres and gave examples of similar technology groups run by countries around the world.

Commenting on the lack of technology centres in the UK, Hermann Hauser, said in a statement that “While the UK has invested in equivalent structures?.?.?. the current UK approach is by comparison sub-critical, follows no national strategy, and pays insufficient attention to business requirements and the location of relevant expertise.”

Lord Mandelson emphasised that if the Labour government is elected once again to power, it will make sure that the suggestions given by Hermann Hauser are cast in to a plan, which will be carried out on priority bases.

While giving out suggestions to the panel of government representatives, Hauser said that that the UK should set-up innovation centres named after the founder of the electromagnetic theory James Clerk Maxwell, just as the Germans had named their centres after 19th century scientist Joseph von Fraunhofer.

Our Comments

The Fraunhofer society has more than 12,000 engineers working and is responsible for one of the biggest technological breakthroughs in the field of audio in the last few years. Yes, they are the guys behind the MP3 technology for which they get tens of millions of pounds in licensing revenues.

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