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Virgin Media To Roll Out Online VoD Player

Virgin Media confirmed its ambition of being a three-screen content player as its executive director of TV and online Alex Green told an audience at the IPTV World Forum that they will embark on an online VoD project.

Techradar further reports that the player will be launched in 2010 and will deliver "super high-quality click-to-watch experience" for Virgin Media's subscribers "to see their favourite on-demand shows online and on their mobile".

The project - which has yet to be name - would bring Virgin on par with Sky, with its Sky Player and would be a competitor to Canvas, the on demand platform backed by the BBC and BT.

At the beginning of this week, we reported about Virgin Media's head of media relations (consumer), Asam Ahmad, saying that it will work with US-based TiVo to bring a "new platform" that would bring together VoD and TV Programmes.

Central to the Virgin Media's offer is the prospect of being able to seamlessly switch between screens to consume video content. The so-called TV Anywhere concept will see users move between their mobile phones, computers and televisions.

The Media player may also offer high definition content from the start although we suspect that it may depend on the platform. HD on an iPhone's 3.5-inch screen for example doesn't make much sense.

Our Comments

We couldn't help but smile at naming suggestions for the service from Trustedreviews. 'Virgin on Demand', 'Virgin OD", "Virgin Extra', 'Virgin Streaming'. Expect some very, very weird search results when looking for those on Google.

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