AMD - Phenom II X6 rumours are mostly true

Nvidia may have stolen everyone else’s thunder at PAX 2010 with the frenzy surrounding the Fermi launch, but AMD has apparently also used the event to confirm some of the hearsay surrounding its Phenom II X6 chips.

Tom’s Hardware took the opportunity to quiz the AMD representatives at PAX, where the company demonstrated the Phenom II X6, showing six cores up and running in Windows Task Manager. However, AMD apparently also confirmed that most of the rumours about the forthcoming hexacore chip were generally true. This, according to the site, should mean that the model names we’ve seen, such as 1075T, 1055T and 1035T, will be the same names attached the final chips.

It sounds as if the AMD guys were still being a bit evasive during interrogation, but they apparently also confirmed that there will be several features present in the Phenom II X6 that in the site’s words “line up well with features found in the competition.”

That’s as near as you’re going to get to a confirmation of AMD’s TurboCore technology, which is the AMD equivalent of TurboBoost, and can overclock some of the cores when only half of them are in use.

There’s also some information on pricing, and AMD has confirmed that all of the six-core processors will be priced under $300 US (£200 without accounting for the usual UK rip-off mark-up), and this includes a Black Edition X6 chip.

AMD’s Black Edition chips have unlocked multipliers, which makes them attractive to overclockers looking for a way of overclocking their CPUs without putting the rest of their hardware at risk. We assume that this Black Edition chip is the 1090T that we saw in last week’s leaked road map, and is clocked at 3.2GHz as standard. However, AMD doesn’t always just make Black Edition versions of its top-end chips, so don't count on it yet.

Either way, if it’s under $300 then it will be much cheaper than the ridiculous sums demanded for an Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition with an unlocked multiplier. It’s no wonder that Intel is considering making multiplier-unlocked versions of some of its mainstream CPUs as well.

According to Tom’s Hardware, the AMD Phenom II X6 is scheduled to be launched next month (April 2010).