Exclusive : AMD Preparing $99 Opteron 4000 Processor?

During today's even in Milan to mark the launch of the new AMD Opteron 6000 series, one slide of Pat Patla's presentations caught our eye for all the right reasons.

Patrick Patla is the Vice President and General Manager, Server and Workstation Division and the slide in question speaks around the readjustment by the company of its server chip offerings.

The slide named "pricing strategy delivers superior advantage over competition" shows how AMD will be transitioning from a three-tier range to a simpler two-tier one which covers 1p/2p and 2p/4p servers.

What caught our eye is that the slide listed a $99 Opteron chip, one that doesn't exist right now. We've asked for more clarification from Patrick Patla during the Q&A session and were met with a straight "no comments" on products that haven't been launched.

Here's a photo of the actual slide although unfortunately, you can't actually distinguish the last $99 bit due to some really shaky photo snapping and the low light in the room.

We've heard rumours of a $99 AMD Opteron processor during the last weeks but this seems to confirm the existence of this part which, we guess, would be a four-core model clocked at 1.7GHz or less.

Before that though, Patla let slip that the prices listed on the slide were for 1Ku. We've also noticed that AMD did not play up the price of their 8-core processors. The new 8-core 1.7GHz start from only $263 which brings down the cost per core to levels that make it almost worthy to splash money on the chip just for a desktop.

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