Facebook Firms Up Plans To Incorporate Geo-Location Features

As speculated by analysts, following Twitter’s announcement about adding geo-location tagging to its users updates, Facebook is also planning to bring crucial updates to its privacy settings to add location tagging along with a couple of new changes.

Just around a year ago, Facebook’s privacy update spurred massive hue and cry among users, who claimed that the privacy changes would tender the company more control over user content on the website.

However, the social networking tsar is apparently working to not repeat the mayhem caused last year, by announcing the future changes, including location tagging as well as third party websites, before they actually come into effect.

In a weekend blog post, Facebook’s general deputy counsel Michael Richter, noted that the aforementioned changes would specifically enable the website to gather location related information, and subsequently allow for sharing info on “pre-approved” web platforms using the Facebook site.

Playing down the privacy issue and evincing the company’s commitment to securing user privacy, Richetr said: “It is important to note that, while we're still developing many aspects of these products, user control over privacy remains essential to our innovation process and we'll continue to develop new tools to help you control the things you share on Facebook”.

Facebook users can post their comments about the proposed changes on the site until 3rd April.