First shipment of iPads sold out in USA

Apple has sold all of its current inventory of the iPad to early-adopting pre-order customers.

Anyone wanting to get their hands on the company's game-changing device will now have to wait until April 12th, nine painfully long days after the intitial launch.

The US online Apple Store has now pegged back delivery dates, despite announcing that every brick and mortar (or should that be tinted glass and brushed aluminium) Apple Store and Most Best Buy outlets will have stocks of the gadget on April 3rd.

The Cupertino company has also stopped taking orders for launch-day pick-ups from its own stores.

If every other launch in the company's history is anything to go by, the stores will be beset by frantic Macolytes camping out days before the doors open on iPad Day. And if number crunching anal lister have got the maths right, many of them will be going home empty handed and very disappointed.

Europe might eventually get a few iPads but Apple can't be arsed to work out when.

Apple has also sneakily added the iPad camera connection Kit to the list of available accessories. The kit comprises two small dongles with the now-familiar 30-pin connectors at one end, and either a USB port or SD card slot at the other for $29.