Nokia Buys Up Mobile Web Browser Developer Novarra For An Undisclosed Sum

Nokia is all set to up the ante in smartphone web browsing domains, as the Finnish mobile phone giant has purchased the Chicago-based mobile web browser outfit Novarra.

The move apparently aims to step up Nokia’s bid in the fiercely competitive mobile web browser arena. The company is pitching hopes that the integration of Novarra’s browser will bolster web experience on its wide range of smartphones.

Terms and conditions of the deal, which is expected to be closed by the end of first half of this year, were not disclosed.

Mentioning the same, the mobile handset maker said in a statement: “Novarra's mobile browser and service platform will be used by Nokia to deliver enhanced Internet experiences on Nokia mobile devices”.

Novarra is a privately held software developer firm, and is known for its Vision web browser, along with applications to serve analytics, advertisements, and other such content on smartphone platforms. The company has already rendered its technology to US Cellular and Palm, according to sources.

Novarra’s Vision browser has the capability to support Flash, as well as full HTML support with complicated AJAX and JavaScript, RSS and widgets. Furthermore, its features also include password management, scrolling and zooming, autofoil, and “fit to screen” layout.