OfCom Asks ISPs To Stop Publishing Inaccurate Broadband Speed Claims

According to research conducted by UK telecommunications regulator OfCom, it has been revealed that Britain's broadband service providers have failed to follow the code of conduct set-up by the regulator.

The report by OfCom warned broadband service providers to stop misleading their customers by claiming high broadband speeds in the their advertisements, which lure them into purchasing their services and they end up receiving download speeds slower than what they had been promised.

The regulator has asked the ISPs to offer adequate information to customers so that they are able to make an informed decision before purchasing broadband service. Interestingly, OfCom also hinted that if it is not able to come to terms with the advertisement policy followed by ISPs then it would consider legislation.

OfCom wants the ISPs to inform the customers about the actual speed they will be able to receive in a particular plan, thus allowing them to assess which plan or speeds suits them the best. In order to ensure that the companies are complying with its requests, OfCom will carry out mystery market research, in several rounds, which will be published on the first of July and every 6 months after that.