Proposed Strike By HP Workers Called Off Following Intervention From ACAS

The Public and Commercial Service Union (PCS) has called off a pre-planned strike which was to be staged by dissatisfied Hewlett-Packard workers on 20th and 30th March, thanks to the intervention of Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, an organisation which resolves such disputes.

The strike, which was organised by PCS and HP's Enterprise Division, was supported by a 1000 PCS and HP workers, in order to protest against job security and salary related issues. Reports confirmed that PCS had plans to stage a similar strike on the 6th and 7th of April.

Commenting on the issue, Jim Hanson, PCS national officer for HP, said in a statement that “Following a meeting with HP at ACAS on 25 March where significant progress was made on the issues of pay and job security, PCS has agreed to suspend the strike action planned for 29th and 30th March.”

PCS also announced that it will be attending a meeting with HP's management, which will be hosted by the ACAS, in which the three parties will hold talks in order to resolve the issue without the need the of a strike. It also said that the parties will review the strike which has been planned for the month of April.