US tech giant Best Buy opening UK stores

American electronic retail giant Best Buy is opening four massive outlets in the UK.

The first - due to open in Thurrock, Essex, in May - will copy the American model of buying computers, home movie systems, mobile phones and other electronic doodads in huge quantities and selling them off cheap.

In a new move for a UK-based computer retailer, staff will actually be trained for nine weeks before being let loose on the public, which hopefully means that the slack-jawed floor monkeys who normally greet every request for information with a blank stare and "dunno mate... I'll ask me manager, innit?" will be blissfully absent from the megastores.

Best Buy plans to open three more units in Liverpool, Southampton, and Merry Hill in the West Midlands.

Staff don't get commission so are supposed to offer impartial advice. The company also offers 24-hour support lines and in-store consultations with their very own Geek Squad.

The company plans to expand to 80 out-of-town sites in the next couple of years creating 8,000 jobs, which, coincidentally, is the total number of applicants they had for 400 vacancies in the first four stores.