Virgin Media Commissions Artwork To Mark The 10th Year Of Broadband

Virgin Media, one of Britain's most popular internet service providers, has announced that in order to mark the 10th anniversary of broadband internet in the UK, the company has ordered a prominent arts and design firm to create a piece of art, which will be installed in London's South Bank.

According to company representatives, Virgin Media has hired United Visual Arts (UVA) to create an 'immersive light installation', in order to celebrate the anniversary of the first broadband internet connection, which was installed by NTL on 31st March 2000, in Gillingham, Kent.

Expressing his views on the subject, Virgin Media executive director of broadband Jon James, said in a statement that “For us, broadband is the internet and it has catalysed the sheer diversity of fantastic content and information that makes the internet so invaluable in our lives today.”

Jon James, reported that the light installation, dubbed Speed of Light, will be made of the same material as its fibre-based broadband connection is made of and is designed with the purpose of breathing 'magic' into something which is taken for granted.

Interestingly, Virgin Media, is on its way of becoming a pioneer in super-fast broadband technology. The company is currently testing a 200 Mbps connection in Ashford, Kent and Coventry, West Midlands.