AMD readies $99 server chip

AMD's server assault, launched today with the Opteron 6000 Series, will soon be backed up by infantry in the shape of the 4000 Series.

With the many-cored Magny Cours pitched at the small-to-medium-sized undertaking, the 4000 Series pitch at the greater numbers at the lower end which will also easily slip into home servers for which there will be healthy demand.

AMD will likely launch the 4000 Series within weeks. Today, AMD's Pat Patla said the schedule for a Q2 launch would easily be adhered to.

Aimed at the "low end", the 1P and 2P server processors in the 4000 series are priced at $99, rising to $455.

At today's launch of Gateway's 6000 range in Milan, Patla said the platforms would share the same i/o, memory, chipset. As a result there would be "complete consistency across all products."

"One set of drivers will be easier to buy, configure". Patla said. Unlike with some he could mention.