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Apple Shows New iPad Videos Ahead Of Launch

Apple Inc. has released a set of new videos explaining the functionality of its upcoming iPad tablet device, which will be available in Apple Stores from this Saturday.

The company uploaded 11 new videos on its website, providing an insight into the so-called 'magical' capabilities of iPad, prior to its nationwide release over the next few days.

Interestingly, recent figures have shown that the first batch of the iPad has been sold out during the pre-ordering period which commenced a few weeks back, something that will surely put a smile on Steve Jobs' face.

The fresh videos, which are a lot more informative than the previous iPad ones, contain the demo of iPad's Safari browser, photo, mail and video applications. They also demonstrate the device's YouTube and iTunes access along with iPod capabilities.

Apart from the iPod and iPhone capabilities, Apple has also showcased the iBook e-reader application along with the all new iBook store, which will cater specifically to iPad users.

The company also explained the functioning of apps like Keynote presentation maker, Pages word processor and the Numbers app which will allow users to create spreadsheets.

The iPad will be launched by the end of next month in the UK but pre-orders have yet to be taken. You can read our articles on the Apple iPad here.

Our Comments

Out the 11 applications demonstrated by the company, only three are paid and the rest will come preloaded with new iPads. The Keynote app, Pages app and Numbers app, which have been developed specifically for the iPad, will be available from $9.99.

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