Facebook Modifies Privacy Policy, Angers Users

In response to the new spell of privacy changes slated for next month, comments from hundreds of users are inundating the world’s largest online social networking website, with a majority of them voicing their concerns against the policy revisions.

Facebookers are increasingly lambasting the proposed move from the social media giant that involves sharing the users’ account info with third party partner websites.

More than 1,000 Facebook users have hitherto commented on the proposed move, and the majority of them are condemning the company’s move to share the users’ details that would only enable the users to ‘opt-out’ of sharing their info with these sites.

Under the existing rules, users are asked if they’d like to share their info with others, but the policy revisions suggest that the website would bypass this stage, and would even go on to share the users’ info automatically with the websites it deems reliable.

Users will be able to opt out from sharing their information with others, which is said to be set under the website’s default “Everyone” settings page.

However, such a default tab isn’t new on the site, but this time the company is going further to include third party websites altogether.

Our Comments

This has sparked a sense of dissatisfaction among a huge chunk of the website users, and the privacy advocates are voicing their concerns through comments on Facebook's deputy counsel blog post, in which Michael Richter talked about the proposed privacy revisions.

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