Google To Solve Android Fragmentation Through Selected Downloads

Technology blog Endgadget has reported that Google is planning to end the fragmentation problem faced by its Android mobile OS by making its core features downloadable so that Android device users are able to access them on time.

As of now, there are 20 Android based smartphones in the market, which feature different versions of the operating system, based on what the service providers have to offer. This has resulted in some Android users having old versions of the popular device.

Quoting people familiar with the matter, the article on Endgadget reported that Google will begin separating core Android applications and features from the main OS, allowing users to equip their old Android OS with new features.

However, it is still not clear how the company plans to offer rest of the updates to users, as updates for apps will only update the specific apps and not the whole OS.

Interestingly, Google's Android OS, due to being open source, has been modified several times in order to make it compatible with various devices such as eBook readers and tablets.

Google is expected to begin the process of individually updating Android app with the launch of the next version of Android OS, which is code-named Froyo.

Our Comments

Fragmentation is a growing issue for the Android OS something that could hamper the growth of the mobile platform altogether. Google should emulate Apple which has a far more clearer approach to tackling the inherent problems associated with a heterogeneous environment.

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